Representative cricket is considered to be the pinnacle for young players beginning their cricketing journey. It introduces many of them to ability-based selection for the first time, and those who are picked are exposed to high calibre players, coaches and facilities.  However, the strong competition for places in rep squads means that inevitably most children […]

Below, guest blogger and ACI Coach, Josh Nevett gives us his 3 main reasons to seek professional coaching for your child. Every parent wants the best for their child, and this is no different when it comes to helping them pursue their cricketing dreams! Whilst local club and school cricket can expose young players to […]

Alex Carey joined us recently as apart of our Junior Cricket Wellbeing and Activity Program and was so forthcoming with information and advice that we thought we'd put it all into a blog for all you budding cricketers out there, both young and old! AFL VS CRICKET  Alex is well-positioned as a multi-sport disciplined athlete […]

Let me start by saying - everyone gets nervous. Yes, some more than others, but everyone experiences nerves on some level. Nerves can be healthy if channeled correctly. After all, it means you care about what you're doing. Performance anxiety on the other hand, is unhealthy. Performance anxiety is an extreme case of nerves caused […]

Alex Carey, the current Australian One-day and T20 vice-captain & wicket-keeper recently joined us for an interview as apart of the ACI's free 4-week Junior Wellbeing & Activity Program.  Below is an overview of the interview along with some questions & answers that some of our lucky members of the program got to ask. Alex's […]

As apart of the ACI’s free 4-week Junior Wellbeing & Activity Program, recently we were lucky enough to have current Australian international fast bowler, Jason Behrendorff join us for a Q & A session.  Hundreds of young cricketers were glued to their computers, phones & tablets interacting and listening to the insights of his journey […]

Matt Short, the Adelaide Strikers and Victorian Bushrangers young gun was our first live Q&A session special guest to kick off the ACI’s free 4-week Junior Wellbeing & Activity Program. More than 400 online attendees joined Matt as he discusses early memories of starting out in cricket, his advice on batting and bowling, along with […]

One of ACI’s many coaching philosophies refers to a ‘growth mindset’ that we look to bestow upon our academy players throughout our extended program. This education is delivered in a variety of forms, both in our session structures by our experienced and enthusiastic coaches and staff members. As well as online through a series of […]

Blog - 4 Ways to Dominate Spin

“I already dominate spin bowling!” I can see you now, thinking that to yourself as you recall those couple of fours and maybe even a six you hit off a spinner during the season. Now, before you get too carried away, I’d like you to delve a bit deeper. Jump onto MyCricket, those of you […]