We all love watching cricket right? Some like watching all forms, some like watching certain forms over others. Most people view watching cricket as a form of entertainment in their down time, but what if we could turn watching cricket into a valuable learning tool to improve our own cricket? Well, maybe you can… I […]

As a player, the period between 10 to 15 years old is a critical time in a young cricketer’s development. The skills, techniques, beliefs and habits they develop now are the ones they’re going to carry into the rest of their career and life. Most children dream of playing for their country, unfortunately that realisation […]

Everyone knows that one keeper at their club who goes against the grain with some interesting wardrobe options. Their off-field fashion usually is a testament to why they get it wrong standing behind the stumps on a Saturday. You shouldn’t be able to gain an instant reputation from the clothes you wear however when it […]

Making mistakes and failing at sport, or anything in life for that matter, is not enjoyable. It can cause a lot of negative emotions and reactions, particularly in young athletes. As you grow older and gain more experience you realise that mistakes and failure are not only ok but they’re critical cogs in the wheel […]

Cricket is a team game. Yes, ultimately it is largely down to individual performances that cause the result of a match, however at the end of the day you are working with others to achieve an end result. One thing that we find continually is neglected these days is the importance of playing a role […]

Pat Cummins has had a huge 12 months which has resulted in him becoming one of, if not Australia’s most popular player among fans and winning the Allan Border Medal. Aside from the obvious - bowling fast, taking wickets and scoring valuable lower order runs, I thought I’d take a look at some of the […]

The time used between balls by many players is not used very effectively by many players. Cricketers come to the Australian Cricket Institute with a common problem. “ I get bogged down after a few balls and then play a silly shot and get out” or “ I have trouble bowling the ball where I […]

There are multiple ways to get out in cricket as a batsman however batsman can particularly struggle with LBW dismissals. I believe LBW is the type of dismissal which is mostly related to technique. In this blog, I am going to suggest reasons why you might be struggling with LBW and some technical adjustments which will help you. […]

Preface:  This article is for right hand medium/fast bowlerS who struggle against left handers. So many R/H quicks seem to struggle for consistency when they’re bowling to left handers. Even more so if you naturally swing the ball in to a left hander. A really common thing we hear is “I seem to be able […]