The best time of the cricketing year! Nearly better than Christmas, or maybe it’s part of Christmas Choosing a bat can be a daunting and stressful process at times. Not knowing where to start, who to buy it off, what type to buy and whether to think short or long term. Below, we’ve gone a […]

Mums, sisters, wives, girlfriends… We all have at least one female in our life that despises cricket and has no idea (and doesn’t intend on learning to either) how it operates. Here’s are the top 5 questions the ACI team get asked by the woman in their lives… *Disclaimer: This has been written as some […]

Every parent wants their child to perform in the sport they love, so they can enjoy it, develop confidence and improve their self worth. Doing well rubs off on other areas of their life as well. It’s a fine line, you don’t want to get too pushy or involved because that can have the opposite […]

In our time developing young cricketers around Australia, we’ve come across a lot of different types of players. Some of them so dedicated, that they'll do anything to gain an edge over their opponent. Others are there for the pure love of the game, who enjoy nothing more than playing and enjoying it with their […]

We all love watching cricket right? Some like watching all forms, some like watching certain forms over others. Most people view watching cricket as a form of entertainment in their down time, but what if we could turn watching cricket into a valuable learning tool to improve our own cricket? Well, maybe you can… I […]

As a player, the period between 10 to 15 years old is a critical time in a young cricketer’s development. The skills, techniques, beliefs and habits they develop now are the ones they’re going to carry into the rest of their career and life. Most children dream of playing for their country, unfortunately that realisation […]

Everyone knows that one keeper at their club who goes against the grain with some interesting wardrobe options. Their off-field fashion usually is a testament to why they get it wrong standing behind the stumps on a Saturday. You shouldn’t be able to gain an instant reputation from the clothes you wear however when it […]

Making mistakes and failing at sport, or anything in life for that matter, is not enjoyable. It can cause a lot of negative emotions and reactions, particularly in young athletes. As you grow older and gain more experience you realise that mistakes and failure are not only ok but they’re critical cogs in the wheel […]