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How To Save Runs In T20 Cricket

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Runs as a Fielder    The fast paced nature of T20 cricket has been the catalyst for some seriously exciting cricket, however one area of the game that is often under appreciated is the importance of quality fielding. I want you to think of a player that comes to mind […]

7 Ways To Score More T20 Runs

The ICC T20 World Cup is just over a month away and will bring 16 nations to 7 Australian cities to battle it out.  So, I thought we could look in to the tips and tactics players use to score more runs at a higher strike rate in the 20 over format.   ABOVE THE SHOULDERS […]

T20 vs Test Cricket - The Great Debate

Why can’t we have both? And any other form of cricket that comes along. I/we (at ACI) seem to get an exceedingly large, compared to any other topic, number of messages & comments attacking T20 and white ball cricket. There is very much a traditionalist debate that T20 is ‘ruining’ cricket and players should not […]