The ICC T20 World Cup is just over a month away and will bring 16 nations to 7 Australian cities to battle it out.  So, I thought we could look in to the tips and tactics players use to score more runs at a higher strike rate in the 20 over format.



Mindset....... a positive attitude.   Players are thinking of connecting every ball and looking to score at least a single.  After the first 6 overs are completed and the field spreads it's key to make contact with every ball and run.  Which brings me to my next point.


Aggressive running between wickets will create runs.  Non strikers need to back up hard and be ready to run, looking to turn ones in to twos and put the pressure back on the fieldsman.


Spin is a weapon in T20 cricket, think of the Big Bash and the IPL an the spinners are key to build pressure and brining a false shot from batsmen.   When the ball is tossed up above the eye line, look to advance meet the ball on the full or half volley.   Or get deep in your crease to shorter balls and access gaps in field where the players are protecting the boundary.


Where you set up can influence accessing different areas of the ground.   You could be taking a different guard to normal eg. off or leg stump.  You could start out of, or deep in your crease, or look to move around as the bowler releases the ball.  This can be help to adapt to different conditions and/or counteract a bowler's plan early in an innings.


Start your innings with more orthodox shots presenting the full face of the bat.    As mentioned, looking to make contact every ball.   There is no need to be too expansive or 'cute' early on.   Reverses, ramps and switch hits are all high risk shots and are going to be easy to execute when you are 'in', as opposed to early in your innings.   Same can be said for your big shots.    When you are in and you do commit to the high risk shots, make sure they result in a boundary or a six.


A progression from moving around in the crease is to clear your front leg.   This can allow a batsmen to bring the bat through on an arc that is very straight if full, but also leaving the option of shifting your weight back and executing cut or pull shots.


MAXIMUMS!  The ultimate way to escalate the run rate.  Key here is practice, you can't expect to clear the fence if you don't practice it at training.   Another important point is to know your zones, some are betting lofting drives back down the ground while others find it easier to get under a pull shot for maximum distance.

So there you go, a number of ways you can look to score in your next T20 match!  Good luck!


Author:  Darryn Smith