One of ACI’s many coaching philosophies refers to a ‘growth mindset’ that we look to bestow upon our academy players throughout our extended program. This education is delivered in a variety of forms, both in our session structures by our experienced and enthusiastic coaches and staff members. As well as online through a series of webinars, live coaching calls, constant feedback, advice and weekly structures. In turn, this instils quality habits in hundreds of dedicated young cricketers.


Effort dictates one’s ability to accept challenges and allows for a mindset to always improve along every bump or curve in the road. Through all the trials and tribulations of cricket, every one of us has made it to a point where our mindset becomes fixed rather than looking to grow and absorb new ideas. Have you experienced yourself, or a player you know avoiding challenges, not taking on constructive criticism or feeling threatened by others success? If so, have a scroll through this or pass it on!

So what does effort look like and how can I stay committed no matter what?

Effort can bring you above and beyond any obstacle, no matter how stuck you think you are. Effort holds itself above all criticism, arrogance and contempt. This constant ability to embrace challenges and keep your mind open will ultimately dictate how far you progress. Without it, we are robbing ourselves of new opportunities, experiences and the ability to learn from mistakes. It may mean we don’t reach our full potential! If being your best is in your interests, certainly look to implement these points into your training and daily life and habits.

A growth mindset is just another piece in the puzzle of our holistic coaching programs that come in a variety of forms. The outcome we are always after is self-betterment and improvement, creating good habits for life (on and off the field) and becoming the best version of ourselves, always learning.

Author: Seb Contos

National Programs Manager – Australian Cricket Institute

Seb Contos