The newly formed Century Cricket Group has acquired the Australian Cricket Institute (ACI) to form one of Australia’s largest privately owned cricket companies.

Century Cricket Group is co-founded by successful healthcare businessman Stuart Giles, Australian cricket great Ian Healy AO and world-renowned commentator Mark Nicholas, alongside cricket entrepreneurs and founders of the ACI Nick Fitzpatrick and Joel Hamilton.

Century Cricket Group is creating an integrated ecosystem of cricket opportunities across competitions, coaching and training centres within existing business models, and creating new ones.

The ACI has been a staple part of cricket coaching and player development in the Australian community since 2015. As part of their ongoing commitment to making quality cricket coaching available to everyone, it has joined Century Cricket Group and in 2023 will be rebranded to Century Cricket Coaching.

“The ACI is very excited to join Century Cricket Group as it means we’ll be able to provide our players, coaches and supporters ongoing evolution and growth, plus give access to a wider and more diverse cricket environment,” said co-founder of the ACI Joel Hamilton.

“We will be introducing a fun new look but remain the same team of people who aim to deliver consistent and excellent cricket coaching programs,” said co-founder of the ACI Nick Fitzpatrick.

With a focus on showcasing talent from across the country – giving players the scope to grow and expand their game – the Australian Premier League has also joined Century Cricket Group and in 2023 will be rebranded to Century Cricket Competitions.

Century Cricket Competitions will continue to build and develop the dynamic and innovative 100-ball Century format introduced with the Brisbane Premier League (BPL) and Adelaide Premier League (APL) giving participants opportunities to play fast and entertaining cricket.

Brisbane was the first state to bring the Australian Premier League to market and has had an exciting first two years, with the successful introduction of the 100-ball Century format in its second year. Adelaide has also just successfully completed its inaugural Century competition to excitable fans.

“Since its launch, the BPL has always sought to identify opportunities to extend the playing experience of cricketers. To be able to build off the excitement of a privatised franchise cricket competition and to successfully introduce a new playing format is a wonderful next step in the expansion of the Australian Premier League. I cannot wait to see what our league partners, franchise owners, players, coaches and support staff deliver with the Century Cricket Competitions,” said Chair of the Century Cricket Group Stuart Giles.

Century Cricket Competitions will run under their new look in Brisbane and Adelaide in 2023 and will expand into new locations.

The Century Cricket Group is looking forward to continuing the good work that the ACI and Australian Premier League have done by providing quality and fun cricket experiences for players around Australia.