Everyone knows that one keeper at their club who goes against the grain with some interesting wardrobe options. Their off-field fashion usually is a testament to why they get it wrong standing behind the stumps on a Saturday. You shouldn’t be able to gain an instant reputation from the clothes you wear however when it comes to wicket keepers it’s a different story. Here are a couple of token wardrobe mistakes that keeper make in which has the opposition and rest of their club talking.

1. Short Sleeves

You can’t wear a short sleeve shirt as a keeper, it just looks bad!

With your big gloves on your hands there needs to be a better contrast from gloves to shirt. Keepers have the beauty of not suffering from a cricket shirt tan yet those who wear a short sleep shirt have to suffer even more.

Come on boys and girls get a long sleeve!


2. Long Skins Under Short Sleeve Shirt

If you don’t have a long sleeve shirt to wear as a keeper, we all know that guy/girl who wears long sleeve white skins underneath their short sleeve shirt to try and cover up their wardrobe blunder.

It looks quite unorganised and extremely hot and uncomfortable. Once again, get yourself a long sleeve or otherwise just save the skins for winter.

3. Floppy Hat

The famous floppy hat!

Well moulded, stained with sweat and smelly. Designed for our fast bowlers who steam in all day in the heat and need that extra bit of shade and relief from their labour.

Not made for wicket keepers!! Do wicket keepers even sweat?

Keep your baggy cap on please keepers, look the part!

4. Pads Inside Trousers

The last time I checked, pads were made to go on the outside of your trousers to protect your leg. The new craze of wearing keeping pads underneath your trousers is a trend that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It inhibits the keeper’s ability to move well because their trousers have to move all the way over their pads. And once again, it just looks terrible.

Any more you can think of? We'd love to hear!

Anyway, I'm James Bazley...and those are my thoughts!