Cricket is a team game.

Yes, ultimately it is largely down to individual performances that cause the result of a match, however at the end of the day you are working with others to achieve an end result.

One thing that we find continually is neglected these days is the importance of playing a role within a team.

Players at a young age are quick to think of themselves before the need of the team.

This is human nature, so when we are in a position to do so, it comes down to awareness of this role and the importance it has on the team.

Becoming a better team mate is something that everyone can do. No one’s perfect!

The idea behind this is to ensure that your members feel safe and confident to do what is needed of them.

We’ve identified 4 key traits that players need to identify and implement to become a better team mate.


1.Celebrating Successes

Although a broad topic, really the name suggests it all.

Great players and team members always ensured that team or other individual successes were celebrated.

By going out of your way to ensure your team mate is known of their great performance, this helps continue tight team camaraderie and a heightened level of confidence with players in your team.

Also the reality of it is, that in this lovely game of cricket, you will not always succeed or perform to yours or the needs of the team.

2. Create Unity

Really good players and team members have the ability to bring groups of people together.

This can be done in many ways on the cricket field.

A simple one is to ensure that when you are batting, all your team members sit close together and cheer on the runs and performances of the current batters.

There is nothing worse than when you are out in the middle against 11 other players to turn around and see that half your team are on their phones or no where to be seen.

Having this close unity as a group and sticking together will help players while under pressure out on the field as they will feel much more confident that they have the teams support.

3.  A desire to help your team mates.

Having a desire to go out of your way compared to doing the bare minimum is a massive trait that many players take for granted.

Examples of these are going to get the hat of the bowler from fine leg and giving it to the umpire.

Or it could be to ensure that you regularly run water out to the set batters to help relay messages.

Harnessing this desire to do what ever it takes for your team mates to feel comfortable and confident at the crease is the key to being a good team mate.

4. Be Respectful

This has obviously many sub categories and I’m sure you can name a few.

All it comes down to is making sure you show great respect to not only the opposition but also your team mates as well.

Things like making a scene when going out (throwing your bat or hitting the dressing room chairs etc) are all not on.

Personally I think this is a selfish act. Who knows how this effects your team mates out in the middle or even the next ones in.

They may be totally switched on to their preparation, but now after witnessing the tantrum or having to duck for cover as hurricane sooky pants came in because they missed a straight one, may not be the ideal preparation and eventually serves as a distraction.


Overall I think the major message in this is to make sure you are aware of the team and their needs.

Having that mentality will ensure that you are able to do whatever it takes to keep the momentum going.

Because yes, cricket is largely based on individual performances back to back, but I don’t think many people realise that your performance isn’t just limited to when you have a ball or bat in hand.

Your job isn’t done when you stop scoring runs or bowling balls.

Your job is still to make sure that the other person who’s taken over has everything the need to make sure they can perform at the same level you wish to.








Written By: Joel Hamilton (Co Founder and Head Coach)