Being able to play this great game we love for as long as we can without suffering injuries can actually be difficult and it takes more effort than you may think. As I’m sure you’re aware of, cricketers seem to get injured quite often, especially fast bowlers.

Taking the time to do rehab and get yourself fully fit again is not only draining physically but mentally also.  Rehab consists of training by yourself, watching your mates play and lacking confidence in your body when you return to playing.

Cricket is physically tough on the body, games are long, bowling is unnatural and the game requires a lot of different physical skills such as sprinting, jumping and throwing. Because of this, being able to recover well and putting effort into recovery behaviours and habits is just as important as hitting and bowling cricket balls. We can’t get better at cricket if we aren’t playing, simple as that.

Here are some recovery tips that you can consider in and around your training and games. You can use one of them but using a combination of them is even better.


This would be one of the best recovery practices for your body. Your body crates inflammation from being physically pushed to its limits. Using ice baths after training and games immediately addresses this inflammation and starts the healing process for your body.

You can use a wheelie bin at your club or even your bath tub at home. Get a few bags of ice and fill it up with cold water.

Spend at least 5 minutes in it for maximum benefits.


Feeding your body healthy nutrients after training and games is very important. Your body needs quality food to help it rebuild the damage that has been done to the muscles. Eat a quality meal after training and games to aid excellent recovery.


Moving your body, the day after training or games gets the blood flowing back into your muscles and helps to get rid of the lactic acid build up. Active recovery may include a nice walk or an easy swim around, nothing strenuous.


Using a foam roller to actively release the restrictions built up in your muscles from cricket is very good recovery. MFR is one of the most beneficial practices and if you can get into a habit of using a foam roller every day you will be looking after your body a lot more than you know! TRUST ME!  

MRF is a lot better than static stretching.

I hope this helps. The younger you can get into good habits with your recovery the better your body will recover when you get older, bigger and stronger.

Author: James Bazley - Australian Cricket Institute Coach