There are multiple ways to get out in cricket as a batsman however batsman can particularly struggle with LBW dismissals. I believe LBW is the type of dismissal which is mostly related to technique. In this blog, I am going to suggest reasons why you might be struggling with LBW and some technical adjustments which will help you. I will warn you now, head position is the nucleus of batting technique and I am going to talk about it a lot.

Reason 1 – Head Position in Your Set Up

When you set up in your stance your head needs to be positioned directly over your feet. This ensures your centre of gravity is evenly balanced and you can move directly towards the ball. Your head is the heaviest part of your body therefore it is crucial we have it in the right place in our set up. If your head sits to far outside of your feet, your centre of gravity is too far towards the off side therefore it is hard to take your head straight down the line of the ball when it is coming into your stumps. If the ball is coming straight down the line of the stumps and your head is too far towards the off side you can fall over and play around your pad. Essentially, you’re playing across the line to a straight delivery which is dangerous and could be the reason you’re getting out LBW. Make sure your head is above your feet in your set up and your right eye is lined up at the bowler.

Reason 2 – Your Stance is Too Wide

Another reason you may be getting out LBW is again to do with your stance. If your stance is too wide you are not in an athletic position to move efficiently. When your stance is too wide your head position sits too far back in your stance. As I mentioned earlier, your head is the heaviest part of your body therefore if you have it too far back in your stance you can
get stuck. What also happens is you lead with your front pad and you end up playing around your pad because your head is too far back and your pad is in the way. If the ball moves back into your pad you are in trouble. In your batting stance, your head needs to be sitting above your front ankle. This will help you lead with your head down the line of the ball rather than leading with your pad and getting stuck.

Reason 3 – Not Tracking The Ball Late Enough

Watching the ball right onto your cricket bat is very important when the ball is straight at the stumps. Tracking the ball with your eyes all the way onto your bat helps to keep your head down the line of the ball and still. If you are getting out LBW a lot be sure to practice tracking the ball all the way to contact.

Goodluck, execute well.

James Bazley - ACI Coach & Programs Coordinator